California: A History

02 June 2020 | By Kevin Starr | Filed in: local history.

California has always been our Shangri la the promised land of countless pilgrims in search of the American Dream Now the Golden State s premier historian, Kevin Starr, distills the entire sweep of California s history into one splendid volume From the age of exploration to the age of Arnold, this

The Death and Life of the Great Lakes

02 June 2020 | By Dan Egan | Filed in: local history.

The Great Lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario, and Superior hold 20 percent of the world s supply of surface fresh water and provide sustenance, work, and recreation for tens of millions of Americans But they are under threat as never before, and their problems are spreading across the continent.

Vanishing Philadelphia: Ruins of the Quaker City

02 June 2020 | By J.P. Webster | Filed in: local history.

The ruins of Philadelphia s grandest structures show the city s dramatic evolution Smoke no longer spews from the Philadelphia Electric Company s hulking riverside power plants Nature long ago reclaimed the rusted steel bones of the Frankford Arsenal Graffiti artists tag the Beury Building, while

Pennsylvania Ghost Towns: Uncovering the Hidden Past

02 June 2020 | By Susan Hutchison Tassin | Filed in: local history.

Cemeteries, abandoned buildings, and roads to nowhere are all that remain of several once thriving towns in Pennsylvania This guidebook profiles 46 locations that have been abandoned or left to ruin, and some that have seen new life as historic sites, with discussions on their history, daily life,

Cleveland's Lake View Cemetery (Images of America: Ohio)

02 June 2020 | By Marian J. Morton | Filed in: local history.

Cleveland s Lake View Cemetery reveals the profound effects the cemetery and the City of Cleveland had on one another Founded in 1869, this garden cemetery served as an escape and a model for Cleveland parks and suburbs, such as University Circle, Little Italy, East Cleveland, and Cleveland Heights

Blank 133x176

02 June 2020 | By Tamara Gaskell Miller | Filed in: local history.

25th anniversary collection on Philadelphia a 300 year History

Philadelphia: City of Music

02 June 2020 | By James Rosin | Filed in: local history.

A look back at the pop, rock, and R B music scene in Philadelphia during the 1960s and 1970s featuring commentary from many of the recording artists themselves, photographs, biographies, discographies, and Join the Soul Survivors, Delfonics, Stylistics, O Jays, Spinners, Billy Paul, Harold Mel

In Eddie's Name: One Family's Triumph Over Tragedy

02 June 2020 | By William Knoedelseder | Filed in: local history.

On November 11, 1994 in Philadelphia, sixteen year old Eddie Polec was brutally beaten to death on the front steps of his own church What became one of the most infamous crimes in the city s history generated worldwide headlines, due to the fact that dozens of frantic calls for help to 911 operator

Her Worship: Hazel McCallion and the Development of Mississauga

02 June 2020 | By Tom Urbaniak | Filed in: local history.

Mississauga is Canada s sixth largest city and its largest suburban municipality Toronto s upstart western neighbour, with its multicultural population of than 700,000, is a place not only of endless subdivisions and monotonous industrial parks, wide thoroughfares, and even wider expressways,

Frankford (Images of America: Pennsylvania)

02 June 2020 | By Brian H. Harris | Filed in: local history.

Located in the lower northeast section of Philadelphia, Frankford was first settled by Swedish immigrants in the mid seventeenth century, and it rivaled Philadelphia itself in notoriety At one time, Frankford was considered one of the most thriving manufacturing areas in the state Built along the

Dogtown: Death and Enchantment in a New England Ghost Town

02 June 2020 | By Elyssa East | Filed in: local history.

In rich first person narrative, Dogtown tells the strange, dark story of a wilderness ghost town that has enthralled artists, writers, and eccentrics and of a brutal murder committed there Documenting its history and lore, East explores the possibility that certain landscapes wield their own uniqu

Birch Coulie: The Epic Battle of the Dakota War

02 June 2020 | By John Christgau | Filed in: local history.

In the days following the Battle of Birch Coulie, the decisive battle in the deadly Dakota War of 1862, one of President Lincoln s private secretaries wrote There has hardly been an outbreak so treacherous, so sudden, so bitter, and so bloody, as that which filled the State of Minnesota with sorro

Along the Schuylkill River (Images of America: Pennsylvania)

02 June 2020 | By Laura Catalano | Filed in: local history.

The Schuylkill River got its name, meaning hidden river, from Dutch settlers who discovered its mouth sequestered behind the Delaware River s League Island It later became a river of revolutions Along its banks Revolutionary War battles were fought, and George Washington s army famously camped a

The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas

02 June 2020 | By Jerry Dennis | Filed in: local history.

If fresh water is to be treasured, the Great Lakes are the mother lode No bodies of water can compare to them One of them, Superior, is the largest lake on earth, and the five lakes together contain a fifth of the world s supply of standing fresh water Their ten thousand miles of shoreline bound