By the Book

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As a devotee of classic novels, Mary Porter Malcolm knows all about Mistakes That Have Been Made, especially by impressionable young women So when a girl at her new high school nearly succumbs to the wiles of a notorious cad, Mary starts compiling the Scoundrel Survival Guide, a rundown of literary


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Speak enters the world of Gossip Girl in this modern immigrant story from New York Times bestselling author Kelly Yang about two girls navigating wealth, power, friendship, and trauma n nThey re called parachutes teenagers dropped off to live in private homes and study in the US while their wealthy

Real Men Knit

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When their foster turned adoptive mother suddenly dies, four brothers struggle to keep open the doors of her beloved Harlem knitting shop, while dealing with life and love in Harlem n nJesse Strong is known for two things his devotion to his adoptive mom, Mama Joy, and his reputation for breaking he

The Imperfects

04 June 2020 | By Amy Meyerson | Filed in: family.

From the bestselling author of The Bookshop of Yesterdays comes a captivating new novel about a priceless inheritance that leads one family on a life altering pursuit of the truth n nThe Millers are far from perfect Estranged siblings Beck, Ashley and Jake find themselves under one roof for the firs

Tornado Brain

04 June 2020 | By Cat Patrick | Filed in: family.

In this heartfelt and powerfully affecting coming of age story, a neurodiverse 7th grader is determined to find her missing best friend before it s too late n nThings never seem to go as easily for thirteen year old Frankie as they do for her twin sister, Tess Unlike Tess, Frankie is neurodiverse I

Tiny Imperfections

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The Wedding Date meets Class Mom in this delicious novel of love, money, and misbehaving parents n nAll s fair in love and kindergarten admissions n nAt thirty nine, Josie Bordelon s modeling career as the it black beauty of the 90s is far behind her Now director of admissions at San Francisco s m

Dangerous Remedy (Dangerous Remedy, #1)

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Camille, a revolutionary s daughter, leads a band of outcasts a runaway girl, a deserter, an aristocrat in hiding As the Battalion des Mortes they cheat death, saving those about to meet a bloody end at the blade of Madame La Guillotine But their latest rescue is not what she seems The girl s n

Once Upon an Eid

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Once Upon an Eid is a collection of short stories that showcases the most brilliant Muslim voices writing today, all about the most joyful holiday of the year Eid n nEid The short, single syllable word conjures up a variety of feelings and memories for Muslims Maybe it s waking up to the sound of

Last Girls

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Demetra Brodsky s Last Girls is a twisting, suspenseful YA thriller about sisterhood, survival, and family secrets set in the world of doomsday prepping n nNo one knows how the world will end n nOn a secret compound in the Washington wilderness, Honey Juniper and her sisters are training to hunt, home

On a Coastal Breeze (Three Sisters Island, #2)

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Everything happens for a reason, Maddie Grayson believes But her motto gets sorely tested when the new minister parachutes into town and offers her a chance to change what happens next.

Every Missing Piece

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Maddy Gaines sees danger everywhere she looks at the bus stop, around the roller rink, in the woods, and especially by the ocean When Maddy meets a mysterious boy setting booby traps in the North Carolina woods, she suspects the worst n nMaddy is certain she s found Billy Holcomb the boy who went

Stepping Stones

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Jen is used to not getting what she wants So suddenly moving to the country and getting new stepsisters shouldn t be too much of a surprise n nJen did not want to leave the city She did not want to move to a farm with her mom and her mom s new boyfriend, Walter She did not want to leave her friend


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Zach Wells is a perpetually dissatisfied geologist slash paleobiologist Expert in a very narrow area the geological history of a cave forty four meters above the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon he is a laconic man who plays chess with his daughter, trades puns with his wife while she does yoga,

Freaky in Fresno

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Ricki has one goal save the Starlight Drive in movie theater from going dark forever Okay, make that two goals she may also want a first kiss from her cinema rescuing partner and major crush, Jake Lana definitely has only one goal grow her online makeup channel to keep her momager off her back