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Just another murder in a country where killing is a national pastime Wealth insulates Michael Lane and his family from South Africa s violent crime epidemic until trouble comes from within the high walls of their Cape Town mansion one night when his teenage son commits an act of unspeakable sa

Thirteen Hours (Benny Griessel, #2)

14 October 2019 | By Deon Meyer | Filed in: cape town.

The finest novel yet from the undisputed king of South African crime writing, winner of the 2011 Boeke Prize in South Africa and shortlisted for the 2010 CWA International Dagger for Best Translated Crime Fiction.

Wake Up Dead (Cape Town #2)

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An amphetamine fueled thriller about a bombshell American widow on the run in Cape Town s violent badlands from a writer being compared to George Pelecanos and Richard Price A split second decision with no second chance get it wrong and you wake up dead On a blowtorch hot night in Cape Town, Ameri

Sea Change: Primal Joy and the Art of Underwater Tracking

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Craig Foster and Ross Frylinck grew up playing in underwater kelp forests, and this early immersion in the ocean had a subtle and profound impact on the course of their lives The book, edited by Philippa Ehrlich, documents their rediscovery of the forests of their childhood and showcases Craig s ph

Jamie James and the Curse of the Ancestors

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Jamie wants to become a veterinarian He travels to Nelspruit near the Kruger National Park in order to gain work experience with a wildlife vet He has a secret mission that is in fact his primary mission Two hundred years ago an ancestor of his whipped a black slave to death The slave s mother p

Icarus (Benny Griessel, #5)

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South Africa s preeminent crime fiction writer, Deon Meyer is internationally acclaimed for his razor s edge thrillers, unforgettable characters, and nuanced portrayals of contemporary life in his native country The fifth pulse pounder starring Captain Benny Griessel, a lead detective in South Afri

The Apartment

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A high concept psychological chiller about a troubled married couple on a house swap from hell An Anchor Original Mark and Steph live an idyllic life with their young daughter in sunny Cape Town until one day when three men in masks violently break in Traumatized but physically unharmed, Mark and


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Family secrets run deep for Grace, a young girl growing up in Cape Town during the 1980s, spilling over into adulthood, and threatening to ruin the respectable life she has built for herself When an old childhood friend reappears, Grace s memories of her childhood come rushing back, and she is conf

Blank 133x176

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In this, Jansen s most personal and intimate book to date, South Africa s beloved Professor contemplates the stereotypes and stigma so readily applied to Cape Flats mothers as bawdy, lusty and gap toothed and offers this endearing antidote as a praise song to mothers everywhere who raise families

Mukiwa: A White Boy in Africa

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The Barnes Noble ReviewJanuary 1998 Mukiwa A White Boy in Africa is the story of Peter Godwin s experiences growing up in Rhodesia He recounts the story of that country s violent transformation into Zimbabwe, as well as his own personal metamorphoses from privileged boy to reluctant soldier to i

The Serpentine Road (Col Vaughn de Vries #2)

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Even after the release of Nelson Mandela and the promise of free elections, extremist groups terrorized South Africa, bombing churches, opening fire in bars and restaurants Nearly twenty five years ago, as a young Captain, Vaughn de Vries finds himself in pursuit of the suspects of a fatal bombing

The Relatively Public Life of Jules Browde

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I sat there divided Though my grandfather was visibly shaken by the force of this memory, and I knew I was seeing him vulnerable than I had ever seen him, I felt a bubbly thrill because this was such good stuff, and I remember turning my eyes away from his distressed face to make sure the whee

The Peculiars

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Phobias abound at the Centre for Improved Living, where Nazma goes for help She s crazy about baking and desperately wants to become a pastry chef, but her fear of driving keeps her stuck working in a train station kiosk, where she sells stale food to commuters while dreaming of butter croissants a